The primary objects of the "TRUST" are Religious, Educational and Charitable, including to promote throughout the Territory of India, the study of the Bible and the Christian religion in accordance with the beliefs of the "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" in accordance with the spiritual direction of the ecclesiastical "GOVERNING BODY OF JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES", and to improve men, women and children spiritually, intellectually and morally, by any or all of the means set out in paragraphs (a) to (i), following and with the aid of the powers set out in paragraphs (j) to (s) following, so far as the same may lawfully be adopted or exercises by a body of persons authorized by this "TRUST";


    a) By the dissemination of Bible truths, orally and by the printed word, and by means of the translation, publishing, printing, recording, and/or distribution of Bibles and the translation, printing and publication of Bible study aids, tracts, pamphlets, film, slides, tapes, papers and other literature and information whether in written, graphic or electronic form containing information and comment explaining Bible truths and prophecy, and by the use of all other lawful means which may seem to the "BOARD OF TRUSTEES" to be directly or indirectly conducive to the furtherance of the above objects.

    b) By authorizing, appointing, training, and providing for agents, servants, employees, teachers, instructors, evangelists, and ministers to support the efforts of "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" in going forth publicly to preach and teach the gospel of God's Kingdom under Christ Jesus as witness to the name, Word, and supremacy of almighty God, Jehovah.

    c) By the establishment and/or maintenance of one or more religious orders of special ministers of "JEHOVAH'S WITNESSES" and providing and maintaining homes, places and buildings to furnish lodging and meals for such persons and others who may be needed to carry on the purposes of the "TRUST", and providing other necessary support for such persons aforesaid.

    d) By authoring, creating, purchasing or otherwise acquiring sketches, photographs, drawings, publications, manuscripts, notes, data, memoranda, including electronic data and intellectual property, and music bearing upon the above objects of the "TRUST" and by printing, publishing, displaying, transmitting, recording and distributing the same.

    e) By Christian education of the people about the Bible and incidental scientific, historical and literary subjects.

    f) By Charitable work for the relief of poverty and to provide humanitarian assistance to persons suffering from natural or man-made disasters and in other times of need.

    g) By establishing and maintaining private Bible schools and classes for instruction of men and women in the Bible, Bible literature and Bible history.

    h) By arranging for and holding Christian conventions and assemblies for public and private Christian worship and ceremonies.

    i) By the use of any other lawful means which are directly or indirectly conducive to the furtherance of the objects of the "TRUST".

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